Sunday Hotspot: Denpasar Car Free Day

…I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike..

That was what I heard when I took my bike out for a spin at one of Denpasar’s city parks, Renon park. Since the mayor officially declared Sunday as a Car-Free Day, Renon park is always packed with people on Sundays. Even though they insisted on declaring Sunday as a Car-Free Day, the only area that was really “car-free” is Renon park. You can find motorbikes and cars in other parts of the city. They really should call it a “Sunday Car-Free Area”, because it only goes on till 11 am. Anyways, Renon park on a Sunday morning is jam-packed with people with their prized bikes. From tricycles to self-modified racing bikes, you can find almost any type of bike here.

If you’re planning to experience Sunday at Renon, then bring some friends and a bike. Oh, and don’t forget some cash. Companies, be it government or private, usually hold fun bike events here at Renon. This morning, when I went there, I got stuck up in a crowd which turned out to be participants of a fun bike event that a certain hotel was sponsoring. Luckily, the committee didn’t check for tickets, so I blended right in.

People don’t just come here to bike, they sometimes come here for a quick jog or a relaxing walk. The inner part of the park is loaded with people jogging, walking, or stretching. Sometimes, companies coordinate calisthenics events while promoting their products. These events are usually free of charge. You can also witness kids playing soccer or just running about.

A main tourist attraction lies within the very center of Renon park. It is called the Bajra Sandhi Monument. It is supposed to resemble a genta or a sacred bell used for leading prayers by priests. From the top, you can experience a bird’s eye view of Metro Denpasar. The monument is used as museum, and is the only museum that tells the history of Bali by dozens of dioramas. Starting from the archaic age till the present, the dioramas depict the long, winding history of Bali by jogging up your imagination through colorful representation.

After biking, you might feel a bit hungry. Fear not, there are several stands and street vendors around. The stands and vendors usually show up on Sunday when there’s a large amount of people. The stands usually sell Balinese cuisine at a modest price, while the street vendors sell meatballs, noodles, and mung bean soup. There are several restaurants and a food court, but they open up later near noon.

Since Renon is a Car-Free area till 11 am, many cars and motorbikes are redirected from the park area. Police stand by and maintain the perimeter, blocking access to any vehicle except bicycles. The result of this are traffic jams in the smaller roads where the police redirects vehicles. You might want to take this in mind if you have to pass here on a Sunday morning.

So, that’s all about Renon park and Denpasar’s Car Free Day. It sure is a way to socialize, get some exercise, and enjoy yourself on a bright Sunday morning. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another Sunday Hotspot!

PS: These pictures are copyright-protected; they’re mine. Please inform me first if you want to use them anywhere else. Thanks for your kind attention.

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