My Opinion about Matriculation Program at PresUniv

The first month of my college years at President University start off with a matriculation program. I’ve rarely heard this word before, so I really don’t know what it really means. I think the better term is “Pre-University Bridging” since the program focuses on English and soft skills to help aid me in my college years.

Prior to the matriculation program, I didn’t have any idea what subjects were going to be teached, so I didn’t make a fuss about it. On the first day, when I got my matriculation book, the subjects were only English, Math, and some soft skills guide to university life. The English material wasn’t too hard for me, but the Math gave me a little shock since I haven’t been doing Math problems since I graduated (which was over 3 months ago!). The soft skills was like learning basic Psychology and it’s very interesting for me, since I like psychology.
Overall, the matriculation program is quite great. It helps me prepare for university life, which is a lot more tougher than senior high. It also helped me overcome some minor homesick symptoms, thanks to the soft skills lessons. The matriculation is great, but I really hope that the first semester starts soon because I really wanna start studying International Relations.

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