Why Did I Choose to Study at PresUniv?

Well, now I’ve just started my college years at a private university in Indonesia. The university is called President University. It’s a private university in Jababeka, Cikarang, near Jakarta. It’s fairly new and still not well-known. I knew about it from the marketing department who delivered a presentation at my school.
Now, for the big question: Why did I choose to spend my college years here?

Well, in Indonesia, to get into a famous state university, we need to pass a nation-wide exam called the SNMPTN. If you fail that, you have to choose to follow a test exclusive to said college or choose a private university.
I decided to enroll in a private university, since I failed in the SNMPTN. According to the presentation by the marketing department, President University had all kinds of cool facilities like the student housing, exclusive access to a golf course, and an internship program. The scholarship offered also intrigued me. I heard that state universities cost a lot of money just for the enrollment process, so I decided on President University.
I don’t think it’s wrong to choose a private university, that’s just what the majority of people think. With the scholarship program, I only have to pay around 75% of the entire tuition fee, so it’s a very great deal. I won’t regret my choice, that’s for sure!

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  1. i am still confuse with the scholarship from president university,i’ve got a third category of scholarship,are you have some advice for me?

  2. If, by “confused” you mean the Indonesian slang “galau”, then I do have some advice for you. Most of my friends here got the third category. It’s very hard to find those who got the 1st category. If I’m not mistaken, the 3rd category allows you to pay 11 million/semester, correct?

    Compared to public universities, they charge around 5 – 7 million/semester (UI). Based on that alone, you would prefer UI. However, public universities DO NOT conduct lessons in English. That’s our winning point.

    Another winning point is our internship program. In public universities, you won’t get internship: a period when you go and work for companies (Indonesian “magang”). This gives you the skills needed for after you get S1 degree and go look for a job.

    So, I don’t think that 11 million/semester will go to waste. Other private (“swasta”) universities charge WAY more than President University. Try checking BINUS or Swiss-German (SGU).

    I hope that helped and I look forward to seeing you here!

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