Sunday Hotspot: President University

Hi there, I finally managed to find some time to update the Sunday Hotspot section. I’ve been quite busy because it’s my first week of transferring into a new campus called President University. Thus, I’ll make it the Sunday Hotspot for this week. Okay let’s get down to business.

President University is located in Jababeka, Cikarang. The first, most basic thing to know is: it’s hot like hell. I’m not exaggerating. Ever wanted to experience global warming? You’ve come to the right place. This university is located in an industrial district, which means, you’re far from the bustle of the metropolitan. The air is not fresh, even in the morning. If you look at the horizon, you’ll see smog. Lots of it. When that clock reaches 12pm, consider yourself baked. The atmosphere is merciless here. Thank god there’s air conditioner.

President University is a private university. It hasn’t been around for too long, probably around 10 years. You might ask, why would I even bother studying at a private university? Here are my reasons.

The front of the Student Housing. That's my friend.

So, now you might be asking, what kind of facilities does this university offer? First up is the student housing, or the dormitory. Yes, I have to live in the dormitory for 1 year. It might not be home, but you have to accept it whether you like or not. But don’t be that worried. Around the dorm, there’s a laundry service for students. They charge IDR 6,000/kg. If you’re afraid of starving, the dorm is right behind the Citywalk, which hosts a variety of restaurants. Their prices are very modest too. They offer many kinds of food, from Indonesian food to Western food like steak. The university also offers sporting facilities like basketball courts, a tennis court, a swimming pool and even a golf course. Pretty impressive right? Students get to use them for FREE.

The Citywalk, where students find food.

Now, on to the main campus . The images on Google are a bit outdated, so I’ll post more recent images later on when I get the chance. The main campus has 4 floors. The building is quite colorful; a blend of red, blue, and cream white. From a afar, it looks like an ordinary office building. When you step in, it resembles the front desk of a typical office building. There are some ATM’s outside too. A second campus building is currently under construction behind the main building. Hopefully it’ll be done soon.

There are no entertainment venues close to campus. There’s a movie theater at Lippo Cikarang, which takes around 30 minutes by public transport. That’s it, though. There’s nothing else that’s worthy of noticing around here, except for pollution. I’m afraid I can’t update the Sunday Hotspot that often because there’s almost nothing around. That’s why I want to graduate as soon as possible and return to Bali. For more info about this university, you might want to visit the official website.

Okay, see you around in another Sunday Hotspot (if there will be one in the future).

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