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Sunday Hotspot: Denpasar Car Free Day

…I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike..

That was what I heard when I took my bike out for a spin at one of Denpasar’s city parks, Renon park. Since the mayor officially declared Sunday as a Car-Free Day, Renon park is always packed with people on Sundays. Even though they insisted on declaring Sunday as a Car-Free Day, the only area that was really “car-free” is Renon park. You can find motorbikes and cars in other parts of the city. They really should call it a “Sunday Car-Free Area”, because it only goes on till 11 am. Anyways, Renon park on a Sunday morning is jam-packed with people with their prized bikes. From tricycles to self-modified racing bikes, you can find almost any type of bike here.
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