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Ngaben, Escorting the Dead

One of the most unique yet sacred ceremony in Bali would be the Ngaben ceremony. This ceremony can be so colossal or can be downright ordinary depending on the social status of the dead person. A descendant of royalty’s Ngaben ceremony, for example, will be so large, it becomes a temporary tourist attraction involving lots and lots of people. This ceremony is based on local belief (Hinduism) that the body must be immediately destructed so it can return to nature faster, thus letting the soul rise to heaven. It is the construction process of this ceremony which really takes the cheese. It takes months of planning and hard work to conduct a successful Ngaben ceremony. The Ngaben ceremony involves a high aptitude of craftsmanship, which you can see from the equipment used for this particular ceremony. Lots of complicated items crafted from mostly young coconut leaves, the majestic carriage of the dead which takes days to complete, and the spiritual aura makes this ceremony one of the most sacred ceremonies known to Balinese Hindus.
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