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Sunday Hotspot: Ubud

Hey there, it’s been a long time since I updated the Sunday Hotspot section mainly because I’m stuck at home during this looong vacation.
Well, the gods finally smiled on me today. My friends and I got together and planned a trip to Ubud, one of the more serene tourist destinations in Bali. At a glance, Ubud still maintains its cultural heritage and uses it as a tourist magnet. Now, you can see tourists and locals blend in together in this tranquil village which is famous for the lush, green rice fields. Ubud also offers high quality art for sale. From paintings to massive wooden statues, Ubud is the home of traditional Balinese art.
Getting to Ubud is a bit tricky, since the roads may confuse you. Asking for directions solves this problem quite easy. From Denpasar, it takes about 45 minutes by car.
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Sunday Hotspot: Denpasar Car Free Day

…I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike..

That was what I heard when I took my bike out for a spin at one of Denpasar’s city parks, Renon park. Since the mayor officially declared Sunday as a Car-Free Day, Renon park is always packed with people on Sundays. Even though they insisted on declaring Sunday as a Car-Free Day, the only area that was really “car-free” is Renon park. You can find motorbikes and cars in other parts of the city. They really should call it a “Sunday Car-Free Area”, because it only goes on till 11 am. Anyways, Renon park on a Sunday morning is jam-packed with people with their prized bikes. From tricycles to self-modified racing bikes, you can find almost any type of bike here.
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Harvest Moon in Bali

I went photo-walking at the right time; it was harvest moon in Bali and I captured these golden rice fields. In Bali, the harvest moon comes around each 3 months or so; in older days, the harvest moon came each 6 months. The reason for that is because the Balinese now use prime crops (possibly the result of genetic engineering) to yield results twice as fast as its predecessor. These photos were taken around the Sembung – Baturiti area, two places which are located on the main road connecting Denpasar and Candidasa. But, you won’t find these on that particular main road; you’d have to venture off the road into the pristine village area, and keep in mind: the roads in those areas are harsh because they’re cracked here and there, leading to a very bumpy ride. I suggest you take a bike, or better yet, just hike. The specific loactions are: Cao Belayu village and the village of Leba, the former is still within Sembung area, the latter in Baturiti.
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